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Rifle/Pistol Shot Plan

  1. Correct position (Prone, Sitting/Kneeling, Standing)
  2. Locate your ammunition conveniently.
  3. Remove your Clear Barrel Indicator.
  4. Close the bolt on your empty chamber, then set the safety to “SAFE.”
  5. Close your eyes and being “Natural Point of Aim” process.
  6. Adjust your position as necessray to locate your “Natural Point of Aim
  7. Open the bolt. Relax yourself in position. Breathe.
  9. After command to fire – load rifle, close bolt, and then leave the safety on.
  10. Align your sights with the target once more by checking “Natural Point of Aim.” Make any minor body position adjustments as necessary.
  11. Take 3 large breaths. Let out a little of the last breath & hold the rest of your breath. Then release the safety.
  12. Make sure your sight picture is perfect.  Concentrate on holding the sight picture.
  13. Begin slow trigger squeeze. Focus on holding your perfect sight picture.
  14. If your gun has not fired in 20 seconds, or you start running out of breath: STOP – Do not Fire.
    1. release finger pressure on trigger;
    2. take 4 – 5 new, large, cleansing breaths;
    3. then return/go-back to step number 11.
  15. If the gun fires:
    1. FOLLOW THROUGH – hold your concentration on the sight picture and do not move a muscle or release the trigger for at least two (2) full seconds
    2. Not exactly what the sight picture was at the moment the gun fired.
  16. Resume breathing normally.
  17. Open the bolt, then keep taking deep breaths. Then reach for the next cartridge.
  18. Do no change your position any more than is absolutely necessary as you reload and close the bolt.
  19. Return/go-back to step 10 and repeat.