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Items that describe instructions or tutorials for various shooting sports events, practices, etc.

Competition Preparation Instructions

Shelby County 4-H Shooting Sports

What to Expect and How to Prepare for 4-H Shooting Sports Matches The finest shooting sports complexes all across the globe have paved walkways winding through beautifully scenic, verdant, landscaped gardens with flat-packed gravel pathways leading spectators to Corinthian leather padded stadium seating.  Yeah, well, we won’t be going to any of those.  Best to think …

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Rifle/Pistol Shot Plan

Correct position (Prone, Sitting/Kneeling, Standing) Locate your ammunition conveniently. Remove your Clear Barrel Indicator. Close the bolt on your empty chamber, then set the safety to “SAFE.” Close your eyes and being “Natural Point of Aim” process.a Adjust your position as necessray to locate your “Natural Point of Aim“ Open the bolt. Relax yourself in …

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