2021  4-H Competitions

All fees must be paid when signing up.  It is the shooters responsibility to request any club equipment to be brought to a match.  Sign-up sheets are the range.  If we do not have the required parent volunteers, we will not go to the state competition.

2021 4-H competitions the club will be attending are as follows:

Spencer Co. July 24th deadline July 10th. May register for 4 disciplines, Archery, .22 Rifle Sport $12.00 each discipline. Trap is $15(25 targets), $25(50 targets), $35(100 targets).  Must wear ID Badges.

Henry Co. August 14th deadline July 24th.  May register for 3 disciplines for Archery & Air Pistol.  Trap is Division 1 only:  9-11 25 clays $12.00       12-14 & 15-18 50 clays $25.00  Limited to first 50 registrants.



4-H Shooting Sports Program – Minimum Instructional Criteria

The following items are the minimum instructions a 4-H member must receive under the guidance of a certified 4-H Shooting Sports Coach each year in order to participate in the State 4-H Shooting Sports Competition. Counties may choose to add additional restrictions at their discretion. These criteria were developed to allow counties options for determining the suitability of their 4-H members’ participation in shooting sports programs in a safe and informed manner during the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Must complete a general 4-H Shooting sports safety meeting (these can be online or in-person). 
  • Must complete five practice sessions under the guidance of a certified 4-H Shooting Sports Coach.
  • The discipline coach must confirm that the 4-H member has completed the minimum requirements and certify their ability to participate in 4-H shooting sports programs in a safe and informed manner.

September 11th & 12th  Deadline July 26th may register for 3 disciplines on Saturday  Archery, Air Rifle Sport & Target, Air & .22 Pistol, BB, .22 Rifle Sport & Target, & Black Powder. $12.00 each discipline. 1 Division on Sunday Trap $12 for 25 targets, $18 for 50 targets, & $30 for 100 targets.  Must have ID BadgesFor every four participants, must have one parent volunteer on Saturday and Sunday.