Custom Ear Plugs at Extension Office April 7

Custom ear plug fittings will be held at the extension office Saturday, April 7 from 10am until 12pm. The cost will be $20.


Have you heard the news?
Shooting sports can be noisy!
Well, yeah !!!

Okay, so everyone knows that the noise from discharging firearms is really loud,
generally unpleasant, dramatically affects your concentration & shooting perfomance,
and can damage your hearing…

…and, yes – that means even the .22 rifles and pistols 4-H uses.

…and, yes again – even BB and air gun shooters benefit (i.e., higher scores)
from a quieter shooting environment.

Kentucky State 4-H Shooting Sports rules explicitly require, and your coaches rigorously
enforce, that hearing protection must be used by all firearms shooting sports
participants… and, please notice, all of the coaches use hearing protection anytime
they are on the firing line with you.

“Mickey Mouse” type ear muffs and disposable foam ear plugs do a very good job of
protecting your hearing, but “We are Shelby County!” and there is something that
works even better. Individual, custom molded ear plugs.

“Why?” I hear you asking….
The good stuff ?

1. Best hearing protection.
2. Easiest to install in your head.
3. Unbelievably better, more comfortable fit.
4. Much more comfortable to wear for extended periods
of time.
5. Much, much, MUCH cooler than ear muffs.
6. Will not bump & clatter on the stock.
7. Will not interfere w/ proper cheek placement.
8. Allows wearing wide brim hats; better sun protection.

The bad stuff ?

1. Remember, PLEASE do NOT throw them away at
the end of practice/match.
Keep them in your shooters box.
2. You will have to keep track of them. Don’t forget
Keep them in your shooters box.
3. You will not be able to lend them to anyone else
(eeewwwhhh!) – they only fit YOU!
Keep them in your shooters box.
4. You will have to occasionally rinse them off and
then put them back in your shooters box.
5. Don’t lose them ! ! !
Keep them in your shooters box.

Bluegrass Hearing Clinic and audiologists, Dr. Lucinda Batta & Dr. Vanessa Ewert,
are two of our newest sponsors helping Shelby County 4-H Shooting Sports club members.
Drs. Batta & Ewert have generously agreed to come to Shelbyville to take ear impressions of Shelby County 4-H club members’
lateral head appendages for custom molded ear plugs. The cost will be $20 per pair. The mold impressions have to be taken
back to the office where your actual ear plugs will be made. All should be completed in about 2 weeks. These are the same,
identical custom made ear plugs that normally sell for 4-5 times that price if you had professional plugs made elsewhere.

NOTE: Shotgunners & black powder shooters are strongly encouraged to have ear plugs made as well. Archery-only club members are really the only ones who will not need ear plugs.