Caravan Assembly:   Love’s Truck Stop Waddy, KY 

Departure: 5:30 a.m. promptly

Destination:  Adair County Sportsman Club, Columbia, KY. 

DIRECTIONS: Coming from Lexington or Louisville area:  go to Campbellsville and then take Hwy 55 to Columbia.  At the first stop light is the bypass there is a bank United Citizen on the left side of road.  Turn right onto bypass and go about 3 to 4 miles and watch for signs.  The road is Sportsman Club road but does not show up on GPS.  The road is on the left side of road on right side of road is Majestic Yachts, Inc.  It is almost right across the road from the 100 Sportsman Club Road. 

We have 18 kids from Shelby County participating. It will be a long caravan, so in the very likely event we get split up, please make sure the drivers have familiarized themselves with the address.

All participants must wear picture badges, state rules will be strictly followed.   They will start shooting at 7 am Central Time/8 am Easter Time.  So all ranges should be up and running by 7 am Central Time. They want to do .22 target relays first. 

With all competitions, we strongly advise participants to review the Competition Preparation document found here! 

Concessions Available

MUST HAVEs: Ice chest w/drinks (Keep hydrated!). Sunscreen. Insect repellant. Folding chairs for every person in your party.

Please make sure to return all Club equipment to Coach Mel’s car before you leave! ! !