State Competition Announcement

Shelby Co club members, this is a reminder that we have submitted registration for the State competition.  If you have registered to compete please see below. From Dona Fox ~ As I receive corrections to registration entries, they are corrected and the revised registrations are posted on a regular basis at  This is a public webpage, so please …

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MARSHALL CO Competition July 21st

Location: Calvert City Gun Club, 753 Walker Harris Lane, Calvert City, KY 42029.  ALL TIMES ARE CENTRAL DAYLIGHT TIME! All participants must wear picture badges, state rules will be strictly followed.  With all competitions, we strongly advise participants to review the Competition Preparation document found here!  MUST HAVEs: Coolers w/drinks (Keep hydrated!). Sunscreen. Insect repellant. Folding chairs …

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Competition Preparation Instructions

Shelby County 4-H Shooting Sports

What to Expect and How to Prepare for 4-H Shooting Sports Matches The finest shooting sports complexes all across the globe have paved walkways winding through beautifully scenic, verdant, landscaped gardens with flat-packed gravel pathways leading spectators to Corinthian leather padded stadium seating.  Yeah, well, we won’t be going to any of those.  Best to think …

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